23 novembre 2013

guangzhou marathon

guangzhou marathon. they almost cancelled it because of the pollution.It is quiet funny to look at it here in guangzhou. I had the impression that half of the people just got up in the morning, didn t know  what to do today and without any preparation to decide to run a marathon. one of the participants was wearing normal shoes, trousers and a shirt. he was better dressed then my driver ( who doesn't run a marathon)Our favorite was better prepared : look at his nice outfit !  golden tip : Next year also prepare your... [Lire la suite]
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01 novembre 2013

watch where you are putting your feed

we have a new visitor in the garden : a little snake.Mr P says that snakes like wood, grass, water and micce. Guess what ? I have all 4 of them. So now we have our own little snake.I only have to explain now to the children that they have to be carefull when playing in the garden funny thing is, the gardeners don t want to chase it as she is too small. only the big ones can be eaten.the one who finds the snake , can keep it. but a baby like ours, nobody is interested in...  
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