Ayi told me she is leaving. She said that I should slowly start looking for another Ayi. I was surprised ( especially because I only recently gave a salary raise).  But apperently she has a swelling that needs to be removed. As she won t be able to work the next month , she assumes she lost her job.  I told her that she can back after the surgery. She didn't really understand. So I explained that I too can do some ironing, cleaning and if I really really have too , do the dishes. ( but I have to admit , I hate doing the dishes) . I told her in Europe  I had to do everything myself.  She was wondering how people have time for their children if they are working and cleaning the house on their own.  I told her in europe we are all superwomen Or if you have a real ambitious husband who doesn't do anything I the house and doesn't help with the kids, you have to stop working. ( and hoping your husband doesn't start an affaire with his 20 years younger secretary) . 

she was very happy to know that she can keep her job. The surgery will only be after tomb sweeping day. It brings bad luck to be in the hospital during the tomb sweeping day. The doctor proposed her to come to the hospital on Monday but because after the weekend the house is always very dirty, she asked to start the procedure on Tuesday. Monday she s still coming  to help me clean The house.  

Perhaps she doesn't come back after the surgery, I don t know. but she is a good Ayi so I m willing to take the risk and waiting for her.