you might think I m very busy now, but I'm ok.  Ayi is still here ;-) . She went to the hospital but the hospital is completly full. So she had to go back home. This week she went back to the hospital, but still no beds free. She is on Waiting list. She said that they only accept emergencies. but as no rooms are available, the emergency cases have to lay at the corridor.   so for the moment we don t kno when Ayi goes to the hospital. they estimated she needs to wait one to two months.

Also my chinese teacher is on the waiting list. her daughter is turning 1 year , so she is obliged to go to the hospital for birth control. She can have a second child ( as she and her husband are only child) , but she is still needs to go to the hospital. If she doesn't go, she needs to pay a 100000rmb fee. they are not joking with birth control In china. When her daughter is turning 3 , she can let it remove. Then again she is put on a waiting list, to remove it. She doesn't know when she ll be able to have a second child. It depends on the list and the willingness of othere.  After the second child she needs a sterilisation. Only if you are rich enough, you can pay the fee and have more children. 

my Ayi says she is too old to have children but still is obliged to keep the birth control. 

mr p said that when he was young, they also needed to wait 3 years before having another baby, but the help of the doctor was not obliged. His wife gave birth to a little girl 2 years later, so........ He needed to pay a big fee.