Guangzhou has some nice old tea houses. you can go for the popular morning tea or dimsums during the day.

i tested some for you : 

taotao ju - 20 dishifu lu , lu wan district 

built in the reign of emperor Guangxu, taotao ju is a time honored brand in Guangzhou. In 2005 it was declared a muni pal cultural heritage spot. The place is packed with old people for the morning tea.( 4 floors ) . The food is so so. The choose is limited , the quality is average. I had the feeling that the old people are not so demanding as they were used to a simple type of luxury. So nor the staff nor the presentation of the food is excellent. but the environment is nice

IMG_2048   IMG_2047

Panxi restaurant - 151 longjin Xi Lu, liwan 

this restaurant I situated inside the liwanhu park. most people are put in a big restaurant, but for 10 rmb s extra, you can have a table in a smaller house with lake sight.  The menu is more elaborated.  the food is ok . The waitresses better clothed then the restaurant mentioned above.