We went to zhaoqing. there was the touring car championship. We arrived quiet early,  it was not packed in the beginning. So I thought that it was not going to be very spectacular . But the man of my dreams like movies like ' cars ' and ' turbo ' , so I did an effort to stay.  before the actual race there were stunt teams ,doing tricks with cars. They did quiet impressive things. But my children didn't understand why everybody found it amazing.  For me I parking my car already a huge stunt. i guess I'm not the reference. 

After the warm up, the race actually started. It is not the most prestice race but for my little prince it was perfect. The sound of the cars, the race it self, nice view.  Seth loved it. he was so excited about it. He was giggling the whole time.  

i didn t expect it, but it really was fun. 

if I have the opportunity, we ll go back next year

IMG_2121 IMG_2122