Mr p got a car accident. Somebody of the hospital called to inform me that he was in the hospital with a head wound. They couldn't tell me yet if he had brain damage  because they first wanted to take some scans.   he had difiiculties to remember things. He only could remember my phone number , so they called me. ( filling in all my forms had some use ) 

so I took a motortaxi to the hospital. the normal taxis only drive to guangzhou , not to xintang where the hospital was. Lucky me, the driver didn't know the hospital ( which was no surprise as it was very small) . When I arrived , mr p didn't recognise me.  He reacted slowly and was confused.

I drove him to the parking lot of the police where the car was parked. It was really my lucky day; this taxi driver didn't know where this parking was. We stopped 5 times to ask directions.  As mr p was too confused when the accident happened , they drove him directly to the hospital. His money, keys, phone, etc everything was still in the car .  I was shocked to see the car. If I would have been in the car, I really would had serious injuries.  Seth his car seat was broken down.  We already told the company that the car is not safe, but they just replied they didn't know this kind of car. Which is worse : Leasing a cheap unsafe car for your employees when your company  claims 'safety first' or signing a leasing car contact without knowing what the content of your contract is. 

It even gets better. As the car is rented, they need to give a replacement when problems occur. on a Saturday the company claims nobody is working.  . So mr p had to go to Guangzhou downtown to pick up the car. He was not feeling well, still shocked, his t shirt still full of splinters of glass, and his head wound still bleeding, but he had to arrange the replacement himself. Can you imagine ? This is so typical. and it makes me so angry. The poor guy should got some rest. But he went to pick up the car because he was afraid to loose his job ( because of the accident ) 

root of the accident : mr p was turning to left, crossing a street. he says a bus was approaching , but as the bus was still far away and in this street the speedlimit is 40km/h,  he had time enough to cross the street. But the bus drove much faster , and .... BOEM

now experts need to determine how fast the bus drove. but that is not the only thing that determines who is wrong and right. mr p is afraid he ll be proven wrong as he doesn't know anybody at the police. He s afraid the bus company has better relations with the police.   the only hope he has, is that the insurance company can have some good relations.